This annual report of the Third Financial Management and Accountability Programme (FINMAP III) covers the financial year 2015/16 providing a comprehensive detail of the activities implemented and results achieved during the period. The report also presents details of the challenges faced by the programme,
lessons learnt, as well as the opportunities identified for improvement of the programme.

It is worth noting that due to the Programmes mainstreams approach to implementation, some of the broader government reporting cycles still hold. As such some of the key results provided were preliminary and will pend the publication of respective Departments’ annual reports such as the annual Internal Auditors reports and OAG annual report. These gaps will be highlighted in the relevant component sections in annex 1 of the report.

The financial year 2015/16 is the second year of implementation of FINAMP III’s four-year Programme Implementation Document (PID), which operationalizes the Government of Uganda’s fouryear PFM reform strategy (FY 2014/15 – FY 2017/18). The goal of the reforms articulated in the strategy is “to strengthen PFM at all levels of Government and ensure efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources as a basis for improved service delivery”.

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