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Sustainable Resource Mobilization

The aim is to improve domestic revenue mobilization to be able to finance the fiscal deficit and reduce (or eliminate) aid dependence. Nonetheless, in the process of mobilizing domestic revenue, and during a phase that requires major investment in infrastructure, it recognizes the need for borrowing.

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Revenue Collection
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Public Investment Management

Strengthened Public Investment Management (PIM) for Increased Development Returns on Public Spending. One of the aims of Public Investment Management is to establish and embed a comprehensive project cycle management approach across Government, focusing initially on selected key sectors.



Planning & Budget aims to strengthen budgeting and planning at several levels: (i) high-level Sector plans to be of better quality and prioritised in line with national objectives; (ii) multi-year commitments and cost estimates of sector plans are captured in the MTEF and reflect realistic budget projections; (iii) the MTEF itself is more accurate and credible, validated using bottom-up estimates as well as top-down ceilings and any adjustments are explained and transparent; (iv) Annual budgets include accurate costings, information on fiscal risks, impacts and linked to MTEF.

PFM In Local Government


PFM in Local Government aims to strengthen the fiscal and PFM architecture for fiscal decentralisation, in order to empower Local Government to implement the fiscal decentralisation strategy, in collaboration with central government.

Oversight & PFM Governance

Oversight & PFM Governance

strengthens the overarching governance framework and the sustainability of PFM reforms by ensuring effective communication and change management, robust capacity development, programming, monitoring and evaluation of PFM reforms.

Accounting Systems

Accountability Systems & Compliance

recognises that accounting and reporting standards are adequate, but that there is a continued drive towards international and regional frameworks that require higher standards of accounting.