The report shows clear evidence of progress and impact from a range of PFM reforms during the year. These include: the decentralisation and strengthening of personnel and payroll systems (IPPS) which has had multiple positive impacts on reduced “ghost workers”, a lower wage bill and timely salary payments, all arising from improved supervision and control.

In addition, the introduction of the Treasury Single Account has helped mitigate corruption risks, with less complexity of multiple accounts and improved transparency.

Collectively, these gains have the potential to increase efficiency in Government operations and reduce debt. Thirdly, the roll out of financial management systems (IFMS and OBT) has improved budgeting, accountability and reporting as demonstrated by the increase in unqualified audit opinions, averaging 70 percent at both central and local level.

The key challenge now is to build on this good progress and ensure feedback leads to further adjustments and strengthening of systems based on lessons learnt.