CSBAG is a coalition of organizations and individuals that has since 2004 worked to influence budgets from a pro-poor and gender responsive perspective.

These institutions are expected to be the drivers on accountability and prudent public financial management PFM.

Every time we ask for a meeting with Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED) we are not turned down and this has improved our relationship with Government.

Its a coalition that fights economic injustices by providing alternative and better economic policies to shape Government policy decisions. To do this effectively, CSBAG needs to continuously develop the capacities of its members to effectively engage Government on its economic policies to ensure they are pro-poor and gender sensitive.

The accountability sector is one of the enabling sectors that provide a conducive environment for the efficient performance of the primary sectors of the economy. The accountability sector was constituted to spearhead promotion, supervision and implementation of accountability systems in a coordinated manner. The sector brings together state and non-state actors for the purpose of planning, developing and implementing policies and regulations for a stable macroeconomic environment, transparent and accountable systems to facilitate economic growth.