The e-Government Procurement (e-GP) is a web-based system that covers the full procurement life cycle, all procurement modalities, and keeps a record and audit trail of all procurement activities. 

The purpose of this system is to maintain efficient, complete and up-to-date public procurement information for all public entities.

The ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development has constituted a multi-agency team to manage the Electronic Government procurement project.

The team was inaugurated by the permanent Secretary and secretary to the Treasury Mr. Keith Muhakanizi and composed of six workgroups namely:

  1. Application Implementation Workgroup
  2. Audit and Security workshop
  • Raining and Change management workgroup
  1. Contract Management workgroup
  2. Information, Communication and Technology work group
  3. Policy and Legal Framework work group

The adoption of Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) is one of the most significant reforms in Public Procurement that is being undertaken by the government of Uganda to revolutionize government operations and consequently improve efficiency in the procurement function.

When fully implemented, e-GP system will provide a platform for;

  1. Increasing transparency in procurement procedures and practices;
  2. Improving efficiency in the procurement process, by minimizing the procurement cycle time, maximizing value for money, and fostering accountability
  • Improving confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of transactions between the procurement entities and the suppliers;
  1. Developing a common database and electronic trail of procurements to facilitate proper monitoring, reporting and planning of public procurements
  2. Compliance through providing a uniform platform that is well guided by the Procurement law of Uganda to be used by all Procuring and Disposing Entities.