The report presents experiences during programme implementation: challenges faced; lessons learnt; as
well as the opportunities identified for improvement of the programme. It is worth noting that due to the different statutory reporting periods for the some of the components, a number of critical higher level results and outcomes were yet to be published by reporting time.
These include the annual Internal Auditor General’s report and the OAG annual report. These detailed outcome results are highlighted in annex 1 of the report.
1.1 Strategic Objectives
The goal of the PFM reform strategy is “to strengthen PFM at all levels of Government and ensure effi cient, effective and accountable use of public resources as a basis for improved service delivery”.
FINAMP III has three key reform outcomes: Budget Credibility, Improved Budget Control and Improved
Compliance to Rules and Regulations. Each of the outcomes has identifi ed technical areas of where reform
will be implemented:

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